Faith, hope and the City of love.

The City of Tabaco, with faith, envisions a systematic, client-friendly, and accessible delivery of its frontline services to the Tabaqueños through this charter as it undertakes to continue safeguarding the right of its constituents to quality and high-standard public services. It hopes to improve efficiency and promptness in the delivery of the local government services. And its love for its constituents strengthens its drive to institutionalize transparency, accountability and feedback mechanism in the delivery of its frontline services to the public.

With these and pursuant to Republic Act 9485, An Act to Improve Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service to the Public by Reducing Bureaucratic Red Tape, Preventing Graft and Corruption, and Providing Penalties thereof, the City of Tabaco has formulated its own Citizens’ Charter.

A Citizens’ Charter is a guidebook that will enable the residents of the City of Tabaco to access vital information pertaining to the delivery of basic services by the City Government and its authorized personnel. It is the product of the incorporation of invaluable inputs, feedback and suggestions from the service providers and stakeholders.

The charter describes the top frontline services of the City Government of Tabaco. It provides for the steps to be followed in availing of a particular service, the person/s to approach in each and every step, the response time for its delivery, the time of its availability, and the place where the services can be transacted. The list of fees and requirements are also afforded in this guidebook to facilitate the delivery of the services and for constituents’ information.

Tabaco City supports the battle against red tape and inefficiency in the Philippine bureaucracy. As it strives for radical changes in the delivery of its services and accountability in its leadership, the City Government of Tabaco, through this charter, has taken its initial step to bring the public closer to the showground of public transactions and to enable the Tabaqueños to access quality, efficient, and responsive public services.

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