Transportation Regulation Division (TRD)


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Transportation Regulation Division (TRD)



To guarantee an effective and efficient delivery of TRD services to its client.



We envision the promotion of quality service by observing professionalism and integrity.




We, the TRD Personnel commit and agree to assist the Sangguniang Panlunsod of Tabaco City, in acceptance and processing of the applications for new franchise or its renewal and other functions which may be assigned to us by the duly constituted authorities.

Perform and discharge duties with the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence, skill, justness and sincerity.

That we will not accept any bribe from our clients or persons who had transacted with our office and we will promise to remain in-corrupt public servants.

We will not tolerate persons who demand speedy completion of transactions for pecuniary gain or any other forms advantage or monetary consideration.

Ensure the canorous atmosphere with other colleagues to make fair and just decisions for the welfare of our clients.


Organizational Structure (for update)


Citizens’ Charter: Transportation Regulation Division Citizens’ Charter

Official Facebook Page:

Official email address:

Head of Office/Division: Carmelita Belangel

Contact Number: 0918-407-5119




  1. Application for renewal/new franchising permit for motorized and pedicab tricycle.
  2. Issuance of Certificate of Franchise for motorized and pedicab tricycles.
  3. Application for dropping of franchise of motorized and pedicab tricycles.
  4. Releases of plates for motorized and pedicab tricycles.
  5. Releases Drivers’ Permit for pedicab tricycles.
  6. Receives Daily Apprehension report from Traffic Management Unit/stamped cleared the O.R. of apprehended unit.