2016, Executive Orders

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WHEREAS, there are vacancies occurring in the City Solid Waste Management Board on account of the expiration of the terms of officials and employees who constitute the Board;

WHEREAS,by virtue of the mandate under Article 9 of City Ordinance No.10-2008, the City Mayor through the issuance of an order shall reconstitute the Board;

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the power vested upon me by section 455, b, 2, ii of R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the local government code of 1991, I, CIELO KRISEL LAGMAN-LUISTRO, City Mayor of Tabaco City, do RECONSTITUTE the TABACO CITY SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BOARD and ORDER the following:

Chairman   :         Hon. Cielo Krisel Lagman-Luistro, City Mayor

Vice Chair  :         Reynold P. Martirez, OIC-CENRO

Members   :         Dr. Audwin C. Azada, City Health Officer

Hon. Luis Renir Burce, SP Committee Chair on Environment

Hon. Preciosisima B. Tanggo, LMP President

Hon. Sheina Marie Onrubia, SP Committee Chair on Health

Esther Calisin, OIC-City Agriculture

Engr. Dindo Bongalosa – OIC-City Engineer

Engr. Noel Bonaobra – OIC- CPDO

Atty. Jovito Coderis, Jr. – OIC – City Legal Officer

Sherry Trilles, OIC – Budget Officer

Gerardo Calixto B. Colarina, City Administrator

Antonia Burabod – CBMS Focal Person

SDS Evangeline Palencia, Representative from the DepEd

Roland B. Barrameda, Junk Shop Operator

William Ngo, Representative from the Business Sector

Functions. The Board shall perform the following functions:


  1. Develop the City Solid Waste Management Plan that shall ensure the long term management of solid waste, as well as integrate the various solid waste management plans and strategies of the barangays on its area of jurisdiction. In the development of Solid Waste Management Plan, it shall conduct consultations with the various sectors of the community.
  2. Adopt measures to promote and ensure the viability and effective implementation of Solid Waste Management Program its component barangay.
  3. Monitor the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan through its various political subdivisions and in cooperation with the private sectors and NGO’s:
  4. Adopt specific revenue – generating measure to promote the viability of its Solid Waste Management Plan;
  5. Convene regular meetings for purpose of planning and coordinating the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plans of the respective barangays;
  6. Oversee the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan;
  7. Review every two (2) years or as the need arises the City Solid Waste Management Plan for purpose of ensuring its sustainability, viability, effectiveness and relevance in relation to local and international developments in the fields of Solid Waste Management Plan;
  8. Develop the specific mechanics and guidelines for the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan;
  9. Recommend to appropriate local government authorities specific measures or proposal for franchise or build transfer agreements with duly recognize institutions pursuant to RA 6967, to provide either exclusive or non-exclusive authority for collection, transfer, storage, processing. Recycling or disposal of city solid waste.  The proposal shall take into considerations on contracts franchise and build-operate-transfer agreements;
  10. Provide the necessary logistical and operational support to its component cities and municipalities in consonance with subjection (7) of section 17 of the local government code;
  11. Recommend measures and safeguards against pollution and for the preservation of the natural ecosystem; and
  12. Coordinate the efforts of its component barangays in the implementation of the City Solid Waste management Plan.



Repealing clause.  All local orders, directives and issuances or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this executive order are hereby repealed and modified accordingly.


ISSUED this 10th day of October, 2016, in Tabaco City, Albay, Philippines.




City Mayor

EO – Constituting The Local Health Board Of Tabaco City