Distribution of Educational Assistance to Indigent Tabaqueño Students

2019, News and Events

- Posted by: [ Jude Bongao]

The Department of Social Welfare and Development with the assistance of Tabaco City Social Welfare and Development continuous its educational assistance to indigent Tabaqueño students.

Below are the names of the recipients and the schedule of final assessment.

Please proceed to DSWD Regional Office at Buraguis, Legazpi City and bring the following documents:

ORIGINAL COPY of BARANGAY CERTIFICATE INDIGENCY/RESIDENCY of the person availing the assistance and should be the student’s immediate relative (sibling / spouse / parents / children 18 y/o above); if not, please state in the certification what is the relationship of the student and the person availing the assistance and bring authorization letter and a valid ID.

• There should be no erasure in the Certificate of Indigency; with original signature of Barangay Captain and with barangay logo/seal.

PHOTOCOPY of the VALID I.D. of the person availing the service (voters ID, voters certification, postal, SSS, GSIS, BIR, SOLO Parents ID if SOLO Parent, 4Ps ID, etc.)

Certified True Copy of SCHOOL ID (should be signed by the student and the school year stated in the ID ex: 2019-2020 1st sem./ 2nd sem.)

Certified True Copy of CERTIFICATE of ENROLMENT/ ASSESSMENT FORM (should be signed by the student/verifier/registrar)

Note: Please bring all the original documents

The educational assistance is part of the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) which forms part of the package of the Protective Services Program (PSP) of the DSWD that provides intervention to individuals, families and communities in difficult and vulnerable situations.