Tabaco City observes Linggo ng Kabataan (SK Tabang Komunidad sa mga Kaakian)

2019, News and Events

- Posted by: [ Jude Bongao]

Tabaco City observes Linggo ng Kabataan through the Sangguniang Kabataan City Federation (SKCF) that commenced last August 10 until the 18th of the month.

The Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Act of 2015 mandates the observance of Linggo ng Kabataan in every barangay, municipality, city and province on the week where the 12th of August falls to coincide with the International Youth Day (IYD).

Through this, the Tabaco City SKCF have organized activities to highlight the 2019 International Youth Day theme “Transforming Education” aiming to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

One of the activities is “SK Tabang Komunidad sa mga Kaakian“, a gift-giving program where the SKCF distributed hygiene kits and black shoes to indigent children of Tabaco City.