Tabaco City ranked 29th all over the country during the conduct of Batang Pinoy National Championships in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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- Posted by: [ Jude Bongao]

Presentation of medallists during the recently concluded Batang Pinoy National Championships in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last August 25-31, 2019.

Tabaco City bagged 6 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals respectively.

Out of one hundred seventy-four LGUs all over the Philippines that partook during the said sporting event, LGU Tabaco ranked 29th and top rank out of seven participating LGUs from the Bicol Region.

Congratulations Tabaco City Delegation!

Ariene Kyron Brinas & Zander Lorenzo for Pencak Silat – gold

Gabriel de Hitta, Aldrin Candelasa & Christ Ariel Bolaños for Pencak Silat – bronze

Jan Welmar Cleofe for Wushu – gold

Mark Lester Bonina for Wushu – silver

Myla Cas for Wushu – bronze

Ryan Christian Taller for Soft Tennis – gold

Kim Razel Taller for Soft Tennis – silver

Joshua David Cabria for Wrestling – gold

Dexter Caneta for wrestling – silver

Carlos Gym Bordeos for wrestling – silver

Mark Christian Bricilla for wrestling – bronze

Cyril Botalon for wrestling – bronze

John Raven Carinan for wrestling – bronze

April Joy Bonto for wrestling – gold

Kimberly Jhoy Bondad for wrestling – gold

Nina Mae Benditahan for wrestling – silver

Vinice Buban for wrestling – silver

Ma. Maegan Lorenzana for wrestling – bronze

Jean Boticario for wrestling – bronze

Aira Joyce Credo for wrestling – bronze

Leziel Bonita for wrestling – bronze

Angel Miles Bualoy for wrestling – bronze

Alaissa Bueta for wrestling – bronze